12 Sep 2019

The Fall of Fall0

Every September I feel the sting of dread. Life takes on a whole new groove. School begins, thus the homework. Ballet and orchestra begin, thus the chauffeuring. Seven choirs kick back in, thus the rehearsals. The air gets crisp, thus the sweaters. I’m holding up my palms in a stop-in-the-name-of-love position.
I truly don’t want to [...]

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22 Aug 2019

A Godsend0

I have an editor extraordinaire
Through every season she is there
Delighting in the written word
Helping me not be absurd
We’re working hard on ministry
So this month I’m blogging poetry
The question is, as she reads this
Will she experience rhyming bliss?
Will she correct my wording today
Or simply blush at the things I say?
I want the world to hear my [...]

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30 Jul 2019

My Frenchman0

Every month I write a blog entry about some life lesson or spiritual thought that has recently inspired me. This month I’ve decided to write about my greatest inspiration, second only to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. His richest earthly blessing to me is my husband, Patrick.
We just celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary. Each [...]

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23 Jun 2019

Sunrise from on High0

When Zacharias’ speech was restored to him on the eighth day following the birth of his son, John, he prophesied about another Child that would soon be born.
Because of the tender mercy of our God,
With which the Sunrise from on high will visit us . . . (Luke 1:78).
Jesus Christ would shine upon those [...]

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16 May 2019

Look Up!0

I like to take my daily walk through a secluded new neighborhood that is under construction. I was recently moving swiftly up one of the empty streets as I was looking down and typing into my phone. All of a sudden the massive metal arm of a parked excavator was inches from the right side [...]

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