4 Jan 2016

Responsibilities, Not Resolutions0

1. It’s not my responsibility to save others, make them happy, or fix situations beyond my control.
2. It’s not my responsibility to hold all things together.
3. It’s not my responsibility to shine or make sure I am loved.
4. It’s not my responsibility to please people or make sure I am understood.
5. It is my responsibility [...]

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15 Dec 2015

Who Is This Child?0

Who is this child born in such a place?
A shelter that holds no earthly grandeur
Who is this One who comes from on high?
Heaven touching the earth feeling the soil that His very hands created

Who is He who fulfills hundreds of prophecies of long ago?
The very Word of God wearing a covering of human skin
Who is [...]

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10 Nov 2015

Come Just As You Are?0

In modern worship, it sometimes appears that we have confused the call to the contrite sinner to come to Christ with the call to the grateful believer to worship Him. “Come just as you are” is a beautiful invitation to lost souls needing forgiveness, healing, and restoration. We come to Christ with empty hands. We [...]

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14 Oct 2015

Who Are They?0

Two words often begin sentences in our everyday speech culture: “They say . . . “ Who are “they” exactly? Is there some secret committee out there that forms opinions and feels superior enough in their wisdom to impart it upon all mankind?
“They say you shouldn’t go outside with a wet head.”
“They say not [...]

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12 Sep 2015


A few weeks ago my last living grandparent passed on from this earthly life. Ethelyn Ricks Branson took her final breath and is now at eternal peace. “Nana” was a beautiful woman. She loved jewelry and fine clothing. She always had her hair done perfectly, smelled like expensive perfume, and carried herself with poise and [...]

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