30 Apr 2008

Changing My Name, Part 1

Because of my love for Patrick, I had no hesitation in taking Fata as my last name on our wedding day. Anything that had to do with him was well worth my taking and was a joy to me. Even though I had always liked my maiden name, it was easy to let it go [...]

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14 Apr 2008

My Growing Heart

I am a new mother. Liliana is more than I could ever have imagined her to be. Yes, I knew I would have a great love for her. Yes, I knew she would add a dimension to our lives we could not have fathomed. But what I did not know is my heart would actually [...]

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12 Apr 2008

For Who He Is

Joshua Bell is considered one of the greatest violinists of our time, playing to standing-room-only audiences around the world, where the worst seats often cost more than $100. His violin, a 1713 Stradivarius, is worth $3.5 million and is called one of the most amazing instruments in the world. In January of ‘07 he stood [...]

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11 Apr 2008

Livin’ Word-Driven

The Word of God has played certain roles throughout my life. Depending on which trail I was traveling, it has either been along for the ride, hidden in my backpack, or my actual road map. As a little girl, it was something to carry to church. Portions were memorized for stickers or other prizes in [...]

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