Patience, Little One

Six weeks from our due date, we thought we were in labor.  Now on medicine and minimal activity, we’re doing everything we can to prevent premature labor and give the baby more developmental time in the womb.  We recognize that the Author of Life has all control.  He gets to choose the birthday.  Ultimately, every decision about life is His.  We rest securely knowing this fact and trust His perfect timing for our wee one’s entrance into the world.

I find myself saying, “Patience, little one.”  In other words, “Take time to grow.”  My Heavenly Father must say the same to me when I am impatient with life’s events or struggles.  “Be patient, little one.  Rest in Me.  Know all is well.  Take this time to grow.”

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5 Replies to “Patience, Little One”

  1. God’s timing is always best! Try to enjoy the rest while you can get it. Once the baby gets here, rest will be hard to come by.

  2. I’ve been praying for you daily, Amy. Barbara’s right – get the rest now while you can. “Labor” isn’t a misnomer! You’ll be better able to handle that and care of Baby F. when it arrives. We’ll keep praying!

  3. Yes, I agree, but you already know that from having Lilly. Did the doctor put you on bedrest?

  4. Can you give us an update? We miss you in church, but trust that the baby and you are fine. You may be on bedrest now and unable to get to the computer? Patrick, please update the “expecting fans”. I was thinking that all these low pressure systems may bring the baby into this world, but God knows the right time. Praying for you!

  5. Amy! For some reason God put you on my heart and I decided to “google” you and Patrick. It’s been quite a while since our days at Huntington, I trust you are well. I see you have a beautiful little lady and another blessing on the way! Praying for a safe and timely delivery for you. So glad I can now stay updated on you. Give my best to Patrick!

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