Daughter of Mine

I know the Lord loves me. But not until I had daughters of my own did I get a glimpse of how much. The love parents have for their children is indescribable, but I remember being surprised, as a new mother, at how much Liliana loved me in return. With my seven-month-old, Sabrina, I get to experience this joy all over again. She lights up every time she sees me. With strangers, she wears her game face, but at home, she never hides her love.

The other day, Sabrina was in her play saucer grinning at me while I sat at the keyboard. This song came in that moment . . .

Amy Branson Fata
© 2011 Portion Music

I see the joy in your eyes when you look at me/I feel the love in your heart when you smile at me/For you are mine and I am yours/Daughter of mine/You spend your days growing too fast/I spend my days hoping it will last/For you are mine and I am yours/Daughter of mine/Lord, may You see joy in my eyes when I look at You/Lord, may You feel love in my heart when I praise You/For You say/”You are Mine and I am yours/Daughter of Mine”

I pray the Lord will know unceasing love from me, His daughter. I pray I won’t wear my “game face” with others, but rather will seek to reveal His love at every opportunity.  As my Father, may He own the joy of my love and my service.

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