The young boy in John 6 was willing to part with his loaves and fishes. Maybe there were others present that day who had food hidden away and didn’t offer to share it. Who knows? Maybe one of the disciples had a Snickers bar tucked in his cloak! So afterwards he thought, “Shoot! We could have had dessert for everyone, too!”

In giving his food into the hands of the Master, the boy not only participated in feeding thousands of hungry people but also shared in the bounty till his own stomach was “made full.” Spurgeon said, “Anything that you take away from self and give to Christ is well invested.”

Jesus accepted the little barley cakes and tiny sardines. In taking them up, He was saying, “These will do for me. These are enough for me.” Though there was just a small amount, He knew He could use it and even do mighty things with it. The boy gave all he had to the Master, and Christ proved it was enough for Him.


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