Every roll of thunder strikes fear in my five-year-old’s heart. I’ve asked her to explain to me who controls the weather, and though she can do that without hesitation, she still cringes in the storm.

Really, I am no better. The storms of life have blown on me this year and I have cringed. I know Who controls them, yet I have feared.

In the last few weeks I have realized it is not my place to determine what is called a blessing or a trial. In the peace following a storm, the two seem to converge into one. Usually, in hindsight, believers say they would go through the hardship again to be in their new place of growth and wisdom. If that is true, then the trial that allowed this to happen can actually be deemed a blessing.

As the Lord reigns over every happening in all of history, space, and time, I trust that these few trials in my small life were no surprise to Him. In fact, I’m sure He doesn’t view them as such, but rather as part of His beautiful plan for my good and His glory.

As each day, week, and month roll by, and we face new “blessings” because of this fallen world, may we actually rejoice, knowing He has a plan and is fulfilling it for us and even through us. What a joy it is to be His! In fact, the storm doesn’t seem so scary anymore.

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