There is No Gray

Book One of the Psalms is a portion of Scripture that compares the life of the righteous and the way of the wicked. It is clear that the one who will choose to serve God will be blessed, and the one who denies Him will suffer ruin. This is a black-and-white reality, leaving no gray area for how we are to live.

The righteous delight in the Word and meditate on it in an unceasing fashion. They have fruitful lives, prospering in the Lord, regardless of life’s situations. The Lord looks at the path of the righteous with approval and affection. Happiness comes to those who guide their lives according to God’s instruction, and He is pleased with their ways.

Meanwhile, the wicked are easily tossed to and fro, depending on how the wind blows. They are “chaff that the wind drives away.” Chaff is the portion of the straw that is lighter than the edible kernels of wheat. When the farmer tosses the grains into the air, the wind blows off the chaff, leaving the valuable portions behind. One definition of chaff is “worthless things; trash.” Those who reject God and His ways are compared to chaff. Psalm 1 ends by saying, “the way of the wicked will perish.”

As I read this passage, I come away both encouraged and warned. This is the formula for a blessed life or a cursed one. Heading away from my Savior, my Living Water, is like choosing to wander thirsty in the dessert until death is all that is left. And living apathetically in my faith walk is to pretend there is a gray area that doesn’t truly exist.

Father, let me be fruitful in this season of life. I desire to be a tree whose roots are deeply planted in You. I know the wind will blow and my branches will bend as You grow me, but may I be immovable.

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