There is a popular saying in Christian parenting circles: “Delayed obedience is disobedience.” I have found myself saying this quite a lot lately as my daughters have needed constant reminding of what it means to obey without objection or delay. It is our natural tendency to say “why” or “no” or “but” when we are given a command rather than laying down our own agendas and respond in obedience.

I know as I watch my children struggle with this that I am seeing a picture of myself with my heavenly Father. So often I have pursued my own agenda rather than what He has in store for me. So many times I have jetted out in front of His will with my self-sufficiency and pride. I cannot count the moments where I have pursued selfish gain rather than humble submission to Him.

Christ is the ultimate example for us to follow. He stood before His accusers in complete humility. His will was totally surrendered to His Father’s. He said not a word. He did not need to be heard. He did not need to be understood. He did not need to be vindicated. He submitted to His Father and the faithful plan placed before Him.

Can I follow His example? Can I choose instant and humble obedience to my Father? Only through Him and His power within me will it be possible. I desire to do this. I want to see my children doing it as they follow my example. O Lord, please line up my wanter with my doer!

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