Heart Living

What does it mean to live from the heart? I have recently been challenged to do so. I know what the Word says about the dangers of trusting one’s heart, but I have also learned that to deny the heart completely is to live life out of one’s head. Mere knowledge of my Lord and His truths isn’t enough; there must be a balance between the head and the heart.

Proverbs 4 commands us to watch over our hearts with all diligence. Certainly we need to guard it from the world and its charms; yet I also desire to tend my heart, to weigh its responses, and to understand why I think and behave the way I do.

Ephesians 3 states that Christ dwells within our hearts through faith, and because of this, we can experience the breadth and length and height and depth of His love. I deeply desire to comprehend the riches of His love. I pray to be found freely dwelling in my heart with Him, and thus living out His love in its fullness, not only for my personal growth, but for His kingdom’s sake. To be connected with my heart not only draws me closer to my Savior, but also allows me to engage more deeply with those around me. As people are placed on my path by His sovereign hand, I hope to look into their eyes and see what is behind them. May I be present in the moment with them and connected heart to heart.

Let me serve You, dear Lord, I pray
Let me love Your people this way
Let my eyes no longer be blind
Let them be tender, gentle, kind
Let Your plan in fullness unfold
Let me come forth as flawless gold
Let my head be willing to share
With my heart while finding You there
In You alone, I dare this dream
You are my Captain, Savior, King

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  1. Awesome – challenging – heart wrenching challenge, dear daughter. You constantly amaze and inspire me to know and love Him more and to seek foremost His glory and praise.

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