My Frenchman

Every month I write a blog entry about some life lesson or spiritual thought that has recently inspired me. This month I’ve decided to write about my greatest inspiration, second only to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. His richest earthly blessing to me is my husband, Patrick.

We just celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary. Each year as July 27 rolls around, we feel the same nostalgia. We ponder our lives thus far, then we dream into the future, all while deeply loving the present.

Sometimes people don’t relate easily to Patrick because he’s from a different culture. Perhaps they judge him because they’re politically minded and don’t care for France. Or perhaps they’re mystified by his debonair demeanor or his soft-spoken nature or his brilliant brain or incredible pianistic skills. Perhaps they think he’s too serious because he’s reserved and quiet. Regardless, no one can come close to comprehending the depth of his true character. Even after a quarter of a century I feel I’ve only scratched the surface of his kindness and generosity of soul. I dare say he is the most selfless person I know, a physical representation of Christ to me daily.

I could wax eloquent about his musical skills, his scientific mind, his surprising humor, his passion for food and cooking, his ability to be present with our daughters even when pressed by life’s demands, and his careful attention to pleasing me, etc.

But most importantly, Patrick is what a husband should be. He cherishes me abundantly. He challenges me sufficiently. He supports me fully. And He forgives me completely. However, what I want to clearly express is that he loves me wholeheartedly.

My purpose for this blog entry is twofold. Not only do I desire to honor this man and declare my gratitude for him publicly, but I am hoping his life is an encouragement to you.

If you’re a husband reading this, do you see yourself here? Can your wife boast in you?

If you’re a wife reading this, may you not compare your husband to mine, but look with gratitude for the specific ways he lights your life.

And if you’re single and hoping to marry, may you be willing to wait for the most Christ-like person you’ve ever met.

I don’t know how many years the Lord will give me in marriage to my Prince. I just know one day together was far more than I ever deserved.

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One Reply to “My Frenchman”

  1. Yes! All of Amy’s praises are Actually Very True.

    We soon learned to appreciate Patrick’s talents, his quiet, wise demeanor.
    It was during those sweet early days at Huntington College…
    our entire family quickly came to treasure his presence in our lives.

    He ESPECIALLY is always patient with interruptions from his mother-in-law…. whether it’s a computer problem… a cooking question… OR taking on a task to help me no matter how busy he is (and HE usually is …) but always stops to help me when needed … with his patience beyond measure. I’m sure I depend on him more then I should!!

    We do not consider him as a son-in-law…. but as a son who quickly grew in our hearts. Thank You, Lord for answering our prayers for such a Godly, loving man for our daughter.

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