The past two weekends, I took advantage of this warm fall weather and repainted the lower level outside trim on our house. Apparently, I was not alone in the process. Insects called No-See-Ums became my constant companions. No matter which bug spray I used, these difficult-to-see sadistic creatures continued to gnaw on my skin. I’ve researched these insects and have learned that their bite hurts much worse than a mosquito bite due to their saw-like teeth. Um, yes! I am covered in such bites. I was also sorry to read that their bites can take up to two weeks to heal. Ugh!

At one point, I was high on a ladder, leaning over the edge of our roof while they were feasting on my legs. It was a scene from a bad sitcom. I’d worked so hard to secure my safety by getting that ladder stable before I’d climbed. Fortunately, I did not fall, but I was highly annoyed at having to descend prematurely!

Of course, here comes the spiritual application . . . I am thankful for the Holy Spirit, who nibbles on my heart to awaken me to danger. He doesn’t mind disturbing my self-guided efforts. He is the No-See-Him! I don’t see Him, but I feel Him warning me when I’m climbing a ladder I’ve positioned all by myself. He convicts me with bites of caution and encourages me back down the ladder so that I may reposition myself according to His will.

The Holy Spirit is not an annoying insect, but rather a loving leader who directs all of life. I am so grateful He’s willing to let me experience a sting now and then. How else would I grow?

I hope to never feel the teeth a No-See-Um again. I’m also motivated to be in step with the Spirit so I can avoid His painful nibbles as well.

But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things . . . (John 14:26).

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