Everlasting Rock

I posted this picture on Instagram a few weeks ago after putting up our Christmas tree. Every year, we purchase a live tree from the same family-owed business a few miles from our house. A strapping young man helps us pick it out, gives it a fresh cut, nets it, and ties it to the top of our Jeep. We travel back home with eggnog and cookies in tow. It’s a scene from a Hallmark card.

Once the tree is trimmed and watered and lighted and decorated, we place a silver nativity set underneath it that Patrick and I found in a luxury home store when we were first married. We paid $80 for it, which was mega money to us back then. We love it. It’s been chipped through the years, but it remains dear to our hearts as it is the focal point of our celebration. 

The little baby Jesus figurine represents so much more than my nostalgic Christmas memories. Christ is the treasure of infinite value. His worth simply cannot be measured. He is my Savior, my King, my Redeemer, my Lord, my Comforter, my Peace, my Hope, and my Rock. In Him, I am secure forever. Trust in the Lord forever, For in God the Lord, we have an everlasting Rock (Isaiah 26:4).

The presents under our tree circling the silver manger scene will bring joy to my loved ones on Christmas morning. But as we clean up the wrapping paper and move on with our day, the baby Jesus figurine will remain under the tree, a reminder of the ultimate gift to us from God the Father. Christ is not only the rock on which my tree stands, He is the everlasting Rock on which I build my entire life.

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