Never to Return

When Sabrina was barely three years old, I explained to her that thumb sucking was harmful to her teeth. She earnestly listened and simply decided to quit. I couldn’t believe it! The next few nights were sorrowful, however. She’d fight tears and explain in her sweet little voice that she still desperately wanted her thumb. 

One night, she came to us and handed over her beloved pillow, saying that it made her want to suck her thumb. The pillow and the thumb apparently went together! Bless her little heart. She was not only losing a beloved habit, but a treasured possession as well. To her credit, she never returned to either.

My daughter is ten and a half now. She remains tiny but mighty. I am often impressed with her grit and determination for the things she desires and believes in. I pray the Lord uses these traits for the growth and good of His kingdom as she learns to serve Him and Him alone.

This morning I found this picture of my little thumb sucker. All the memories of her fortitude came rushing back. Recalling her resolve, I became convicted about my own. I resolve to lay aside the “thumb-sucking” habits that are detrimental to my life. I desire to let go of the “pillows” that entice me to the wrong things. I’m not sure I have the same grit as my three-year-old, but that’s okay, because I have the Lord of all creation working in me for His good and perfect will. He will bolster my resolve and convict me never to return to folly. 

To what or whom should you never return?

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