Aim My Life Upward

Facing east, then suddenly southward
Tires bursting, metal bending downward
A semi collision, the shock and screech
Yet peace was never out of reach

I was in some kind of protective bubble
The highway covered in twisted rubble
I didn’t scream, I didn’t even pray
Smoke rising in the middle of day

Embarrassed but not bruised
Cut open but not scratched
Shaken but not stirred
Silent but totally heard

Surreal yet real
Lightning yet lightening
Devastating yet liberating
Meant to be, ordained for me

To taste death is to appreciate life
The sun shines brighter
The air feels lighter
I squeeze my people tighter

There is nothing to lose
And no time to waste
Completely unhindered
To proclaim His grace

But years pass by and the fire smolders
Where is the passion that rested on my shoulders?
The wreck is now a calendar date
Something to merely contemplate

I thought I’d never change
But my zeal has waned
My bravery has lessened
Lord, help me regain

Motivation to share Your story
Affection for Your glory
Remind me that You spared me
Molded and prepared me

Don’t let them be for naught
All the lessons taught
Facing east, then suddenly southward
Father, aim my life upward

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