Graduation Prayer

It was my privilege to offer this prayer over this year’s graduating seniors of Highlands Latin School:

Father, it is with grateful hearts that we offer our praise to You, Lord Almighty, the King of all creation, for Your faithfulness in bringing us to this momentous occasion when Abi, Stuart, Ava, Amelia, James, Steven, Rosemary, Josh, and Sam close one chapter of life and begin another.

You were on Your throne when You thought of each of them before the foundation of the world. You were on Your throne when You intricately wove them in their mother’s wombs. You were on Your throne the moment they took their first inhale and You’ve been on Your throne for every birthday celebration since.

You were on Your throne through every storm of life, through every struggle, through every sickness, and even through devastating loss.

You were on Your throne through every triumph over sin, through every defeat of deception, through every social grace given in Your name, through every hour spent in diligence and dedication to the growth of their minds.

And You were on Your throne when major life decisions were made about this next chapter.

So, Lord, we ask that You be present now and remind them as they move out from under the umbrella of this institution that You are still on Your throne. You’ve ordained their steps. Their hearts make plans, but every answer is on Your tongue. 

Teach them to keep their hands open and resist clinging to lesser affections that cannot truly satisfy, but rather, make them eager for what You desire to place in their hands. For You are on Your throne seeing the full scope of their lives.

Remind Abi, Stuart, Ava, Amelia, James, Steven, Rosemary, Josh, and Sam that it is only through their submission and obedience to Your Son, Jesus Christ, that they will find life, freedom, contentment, peace, and even happiness. 

This is a very happy day, Lord! No more navy pants and skirts and knee-high socks. No more do-re-mi scales. No more long recitations and Latin translations. And yet, with every lesson learned and every note sung throughout their education, You have shaped them into more of Christ’s likeness. We trust You to continue doing so throughout all the days of their lives, both for their good and for Your glory, because You are on Your throne.

It’s in the matchless name of Jesus Christ we pray these things, Amen. 

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