Gratefulness Matters

A new study is coming in 2023! I’ve been working on Gratefulness Matters not only in my writing, but also in my heart. I’ve come to realize that something I run low on is gratitude. Oh, don’t get me wrong; I totally realize how blessed I am! I am overwhelmed with God’s goodness at every turn. But does gratitude shape how I navigate my day-to-day living? When frustrating scenes arise, is my heart inclined to groaning or gratitude? Is my mind quick to claim injustice or surrender to my sovereign King’s verdicts? 

Gratitude is a game changer. You’ve heard me say a thousand times in Truth Matters that our union with Christ is a game changer. Both are true! In fact, one helps the other. Only through my oneness with Christ will I ever begin to live with gratitude as my attitude. 

How about you? Are you mindful of your gratitude only when Aunt Suzy asks everyone around the Thanksgiving table to say what they are grateful for? Or does gratitude reside in your every thought and deed because of Christ? We are called to operate with thanksgiving not only for our good, but also for His glory. 

Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving.  (Colossians 4:1)

Keep an eye out for this new study… because Gratefulness Matters.

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