Paws-itively Faithful

One morning, I came downstairs as Patrick was heading out on a walk with our dog. My daily greetings with Tempo are nothing short of a love fest. The next five minutes were spent trying to convince him to leave me and go on his walk. Normally, walks are his absolute favorite activity, but Patrick and I had to laugh at his shift in priorities, for nothing could draw Tempo from his mama. I was obviously most important to him. 

Patrick connected his leash and dragged him out the door. Even after walking blocks away, Tempo was still pulling back to the house. His heart hated being parted from mine. I marvel at his faithfulness and adoration. Of course, Patrick is the most faithful and adoring being in my life, but even he can bear to part with me for a ten-minute walk!

I asked our breeder if Tempo’s unique obsession with me is normal. He mentioned that some dogs are simply wired as “one-person creatures.” Well, I must be Tempo’s one and only! He doesn’t even greet the other family members when they come home. I do wish he’d spread his love out more evenly. But honestly, I am thankful he chose me. This bond is very special, for I had fervently prayed over our next pup after losing Maestro.

When I ponder Tempo’s level of faithfulness, it inspires me. He has eyes only for his master. No matter where I am or what I am doing, he keeps them peeled on me. He positions himself to anticipate my next move. He is a student of my actions and habits, studying my every activity and premeditating his involvement. He not only knows me, he never leaves my side. He trusts I know what’s best for him as he stays at my feet in faithful submission.

This is how I want to look at my Master; I want eyes only for Him. I desire to be a student of His life and ministry, studying how He lived and modeling my actions accordingly. I must strive to keep my sights on Jesus and position my life in a submissive posture at His feet, ready to act as He leads. 

Being a faithful follower of Christ means more than knowing who He is. It’s more than church attendance and mealtime prayers. Following Jesus means never leaving His side! It’s not letting the world leash me and pull me away from Him. It’s having eyes only for Him and trusting He knows what is best for me at all times. Because He is my sovereign Master, I can faithfully submit to Him with great confidence. And it’s comforting to know that my faithfulness is achieved through Him and His Spirit at work in me. “But the fruit of the Spirit is… faithfulness” (Galatians 5:22).

My dog—this gift from God to me—has become my role model. May I be as faithful to my Master as Tempo is to his. 

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