A Godsend

I have an editor extraordinaire
Through every season she is there

Delighting in the written word
Helping me not be absurd

We’re working hard on ministry
So this month I’m blogging poetry

The question is, as she reads this
Will she experience rhyming bliss?

Will she correct my wording today
Or simply blush at the things I say?

I want the world to hear my applause
For the one who’s given so much to my cause

Many times she’s saved my bacon
Though she’s busy, I’m never forsaken

She’s a wife, mother, and stellar grandmama
A believer in the Oxford comma

Her commitment to excellence amazes me
Her diligence is a thing of true beauty

She’s remained faithful through trial and drama
Though I have failed her in my trauma

You see, this editor is also my friend
A gift from above, a true God-send

With every stroke of the pen I think
I’m beyond grateful for Madame Link

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