A Rhyme for the Grieving (Gotta Retrain the Brain)

Sandra Sue Swindell
(September 12, 1942 – July 27, 2021)

If I think too hard, I’m sad
If I think really hard, I’m mad
If I don’t think hard enough, I’m numb
If I don’t think at all, I’m dumb
So how does one have a regular thought?
Retrain the brain not to seek what was sought
It’s the only way to think differently
Put on new thoughts, try new activity
But then those things should include her too
So I’m back to the old, out with the new
I guess what I need to do with each new day
Is do the next right thing and include her in some way
She’s here in memory, she’s here in heart
Yes, that’s what I’ll do, keep her in part
Knowing she’s whole and wouldn’t trade
Her Savior’s presence for this world He’s made
So Father, hold her there and we’ll gently hold on here
That way we keep what we once held near

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