The Pursuit of Friendship

I have spent my life in pursuit of friendship. I’m fortunate to have known the pleasure and fruit of that pursuit with many precious relationships. Every season of my life contains a list of close friends, and I still keep contact with many of them. 

Of course, I’ve also known the sting of lost relationships. In fifth grade, my best friend Roberta moved away, and I’ve never been able to find her, even with today’s technology. People move on. Some have left me, though their physical address has not changed. Some have betrayed me. I’ve lost others through the separation of death. Though friendship can mean the joy of companionship, it can also mean the sting of loss.

Through the years, I’ve made many friendship blunders. I now understand my own capacity for relationship and the pitfalls that come with it. I’ve learned what others can manage in their personal capacities and how to meet their needs accordingly. And though this learning process has been wrought with trial and error, I wouldn’t trade what I’ve gleaned. May my contentment always be grounded in what I can give more than what I can receive.

As I analyze my current understanding of friendship and the value of true and tried relationships, I find myself coming full circle to the truth behind my personal pursuit of friendship: I want to be loved and appreciated by others. Though this is my fleshly desire, the truth is I was made for companionship. We all were. May my actions always be grounded in how I can love more than how I can be loved.

Whether I am left behind or even betrayed, there is One who understands this kind of pain and who has promised never to be the cause of it. Christ is, and always will be, my ultimate best Friend. May my heart always be grounded in the pursuit of THIS friendship.

Perhaps you’re eager for a faithful friend. Perhaps you wonder if it is even possible to have one. With Jesus, there is no perhaps. Lean into your Companion with the full weight of your trust, for He will not fail you. He will not betray you and He will never leave you.

…He Himself has said, “I WILL NEVER DESERT YOU, NOR WILL I EVER ABANDON YOU,” so that we confidently say,


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