Christmas Surprise

This year, I decided to wrap presents as I purchased them. On the night we finished putting up our tree, Patrick took the girls to ballet and the house was all mine. I went to all of my hiding places and gathered the wrapped boxes and placed them perfectly under the tree. When my family came home, they were delighted to see all the fun that awaits them on Christmas morning.

I am most happy when I am plotting a surprise, whether small or large. I realize some people do not enjoy being surprised. Walking into a dark room and having 50 people yell “surprise!” is their worst nightmare. However, everyone appreciates a gift that is surprising, the kind that proves they are loved, seen, and understood.

When the Father gave the Son, the world was taken by surprise. We could not comprehend the true value of such a gift. But as we individually receive His grace, we realize we are loved, seen, and understood. We are called from darkness and are rescued from the chains of sin and death!

The gift of Christ is not to be celebrated like some treat under the tree. Rather, His presence is the present of all presents! It is an eternal gift of matchless magnitude and grace. May we never cease to be surprised by it.

Merry Christmas!

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