Christ Be Over Me This Day

I’m in the middle of my first teaching of Gratefulness Matters. Fifty-seven precious women are taking this journey with me. I hope to have the full study, with video teaching sessions, available this fall. For now, enjoy this simple rhyme taken from Session #5, in which we ponder what it means to be grateful for our oneness with Christ.

Christ be over me this day, not just in what I do or say
But over my being in the deepest sense, in this war, my one Defense
Christ be poured out through my skin, through each failure, through each win
In every influence I possess, may they see His righteousness
Christ be glorified by my life’s song, if I am loved or I am wronged
May He be seen, may He be known, through my tender, gracious tone
Christ be obvious in me, my only truth, my identity
May His glory be not dimmed, for I have kept my lamp trimmed
Christ be not only my future hope, but here and now in the daily scope
Where my time counts and is ticking away, Yes, Christ, be over me this day

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