I’m Not Panicked

Every morning when I greet my daughters, they seem to have changed from the night before. Something happens during their sleep. They awaken more matured from their rest. It feels like a magic trick that I cannot figure out or a time warp that I cannot slow down. 

We are one inch from starting college visits. How did this happen? I remember being eight months pregnant and riding home with Patrick after purchasing the baby crib. I mentioned the distant day when the baby would outgrow the bed. This thought hit us so keenly that we both teared up. We hadn’t even met her yet! Well, that graduation to a “big bed” came and went. Twice. 

I know time is fleeting. I’m trying to treasure these days with my girls. I breathe in these moments and strive not to forget them as they pass. I also know that each new stage of life brings exciting adventures and strengthening challenges. And though I pray my guts out for my daughters, I’m not worried about them. I’m not panicked. 

I know now the same comfort and rest I knew then, when I would leave my newborn in that crib each night: my God is sovereign. He is in control. He is their Maker. He is their Owner. And by His good and gracious providence, He blessed me with the humbling task of raising them in Him. How could I ever doubt His plans? How could I not surrender wholeheartedly to whatever He has already chosen? 

Our soul waits for the Lord;
He is our help and our shield.
For our heart rejoices in Him,
Because we trust in His holy name.
Let Your favor, Lord, be upon us,
Just as we have waited for You. (Psalm 33:20–22)

Thank You, Father, for Liliana Gabriel and Sabrina Raphaelle. My heart rejoices in You because I trust in Your holy name. 

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  1. Totally understand…. Recalling when you were my precious baby…. My toddlers. … then kindergarten… school classes… piano lessons… dates coming soon??….graduations… 😥🙏.

    We can trust the Lord to watch over each one.. each day.. such gifts from the Lord..
    Seems like my Amy … and my Joel..
    praise the Lord…. 🥰🥹❤️❤️
    And praise the Lord for the gift of our
    Patrick . Amen

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