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Because of Thanksgiving, November is the designated month in which we express our gratitude. We tell people we are thankful for them. We cook rich foods and celebrate loved ones while preparing our hearts for the next fast-approaching holiday. Despite the cold weather, I do enjoy all of these things. Yet I find myself wishing for more this year. Not more food or shopping, but more thanksgiving.

Our roof is in crummy shape from a leak. Mold is beginning in our family room. Also, our master bathroom toilet surprised us by flooding our garage recently. It’s easy to gripe and moan over such things. And yet any amount of healthy perspective reveals the wealth I experience compared to most of the planet. I am spoiled. Let’s face it, we all are. Many things that we desire, we end up receiving. Many things that we dream up can actually come true. Of course, each person faces trials and difficulties, and sometimes, intense sorrow and suffering. But as a general rule, when these things are lacking, our gratitude seems to teeter as well.

Paul encouraged the Colossians to keep alert in their prayers with an attitude of thanksgiving (Col. 4:2). Why would he tell them to stay alert? We know the Colossian church was struggling with the intrusion of false teachers and human wisdom. We also know that prayer is an action that requires our minds and hearts to both engage. We can stay alert by including thanksgiving in our prayers. Gratitude thwarts our personal selfish motives and helps us keep appropriate focus. Our King deserves full hearts of thanksgiving and gratitude, for He has met for all our needs.

Some people keep gratitude journals. It helps them to be thankful throughout their day as they take note of what they will soon express with their pen. I’m going to make a feeble attempt to express my list now.

I am thankful for . . .

A holy God Who sees me as holy because of His Son
A thousand scars that remind me of His grace
A family that loves me despite myself
A friend who never wavers in her support
A friend who always makes me laugh
A friend who has stuck it out with me
A church that loves Christ most
A fulfilled dream to sing
A dog who is almost sixteen years old and still thinks I’m awesome
A warm home on this icy day
A night of solitude and quiet allowing me to scribble these words
A hope of being used for His glory
A reminder that I need more thanksgiving

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