Christmas Goodies

For some reason, people have been overly generous to us this year with gifts of Christmas goodies. We have fudge and fine chocolates and sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies and chocolate-covered pretzels and candies, and all kinds of various sweet concoctions that people have created with toffee and chocolate and peppermint. There’s currently an almond kringle danish and a sugar cream pie in my refrigerator as well.

Merriam-Webster defines a cookie as a “small flat or slightly raised cake.” I find this definition humorous because if you are small or flat and you eat a cookie, you are then slightly raised! I don’t even want to look at the scale. At least I won’t until January when I get brave enough to take that slightly raised step up onto it and look upon my slightly raised number. Maybe then I will be slightly motivated to do something about it. For now, it seems survival is my best bet.

Sometimes I wonder about the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season and ponder if this is how the good Lord intended us to celebrate His coming. I’m worn out and don’t have much more to give, even though performances are still looming, and the entire spring is staring me in the face beckoning me to plan it. Ugh. Maranatha!!

There are, of course, moments of blessed quietness. He speaks His peace in my weariness, reminding me I really have nothing to complain about or be anxious over. I see the tremendous blessings that surround me stemming from that baby that was laid in an animal trough. He is the ultimate Gift. He is the reason for my hectic season and that makes it all worthwhile. He is the sweetest Christmas goodie possible and I love when I am slightly raised by Him. His presence and power embolden me, and somehow everything gets accomplished. And in the end, I am wiser (and fatter) because of it all. And hopefully, He is glorified. May He be extremely raised this Christmas season!

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